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Marburg Virus Outbreak - Real?  Feb 20, 2023  1 year, 22 hours, 33 minutes ago

BREAKING! Was The Marburg Virus Outbreak In Equatorial Guinea Real? Why No Other Media Was Involved Except Reuters?

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BREAKING! Was The Marburg Virus Outbreak In Equatorial Guinea Real? Why No Other Media Was Involved Except Reuters?
Marburg Virus Outbreak - Real?  Feb 20, 2023  1 year, 22 hours, 33 minutes ago
Marburg Virus Outbreak: There are now lots of questions arising about the claimed Marburg Virus outbreak in Africa starting with the initial cases that were reported in Equatorial Guinea. The story was only released only by Reuters and that too initially to all news networks associated with the BBC’s trusted News Network of which Reuters is a key member!

Questions are now being raised as even during so called ‘news briefings’ by health authorities etc..the only media present was Reuters!
None of the local media in the country such as Diario Rombe, Guinea Ecuatorial, Asodegue Segunda Etapa, Guinea Info Market, El Confidencial de Guinea Ecuatorial or El Diario de Malabo was involved in any press briefings and they too only learned about the outbreak from other international news platforms that had received PR Releases from Reuters and then only reported the news.
There are also some discrepancies about the reporting as it is now emerging that out of the 9 people who supposedly died from Marburg virus in Equatorial Guinea, only one tested positive for the Marburg virus! There was a change in WHO’s reporting and also elsewhere after the labs involved in the test were being asked for details by various independent news networks and also scientists elsewhere!
To date, no other cases have turned up positive for Marburg virus including those supposedly in hospital or being quarantined. Questions are also arising about the supposed test that was positive while many local doctors are saying that there is really no Marburg virus outbreak and that there seems to be some kind of ‘strange deeds’ being perpetrated by the WHO, the local Obiang government and Reuters!
The only news agency reporting on the Marburg Virus Outbreak has been solely Reuters with two news releases:
This were picked up by mainstream media who are members of the BBC’s Trusted News Network and later by various independent news agencies.
> The second release claiming that cases have spread to Cameroon have been flatly denied by health authorities in Cameroon!
Claims by other members of the BBC’s Trusted News Network that the Marburg could have spread to other countries including Gabon and Republic Of Congo have also been refuted.
In the meanwhile, there has been no further news updates about the Marburg situation in Equatorial Guinea nor elsewhere in Africa as no news outlets has any data and it seems that everything only originated through Reuters!
This has led many to question has to whether a Marburg outbreak really occurred in Equatorial Guinea and whether it’s part of some kind of ‘scam’ perpetrated by parties with a vested interest.
The news of the ‘outbreak’ caused many governments scrambling for Marburg vaccines and to releases funds to some of the pharma giants for Marburg virus research and development and in some cases procurement of stocks existing vaccines already. Shares of certain pharma companies involved in the development of Marburg vaccines also went up!
Interestingly enough, the Equatorial Guinea Marburg ‘outbreak’ came just days after the U.S. NIH reported that they have developed a Marburg virus vaccine that is supposedly effective in preventing the disease!
Something really does not add up about this Marburg Virus ‘outbreak’ in a remote area in Equatorial Guinea! And it seems even weirder that only one news agency in the world is the original source of all the news concerning this outbreak!

Furthermore considering that there is only one actual lab confirmed case of Marburg Virus and that too in a dead person, some of the officials at the WHO seems to be 'dancing' and rushing too fast into things when they took a longer time in the case of COVID-19 and also in terms of the recnt monkeypox outbreak! There much be some big stakes or monies involved!

Also interesting is that the WHO says that the fatality rate of Marnburg virus ia about 88 percent while studies have actually showed that it is between 23 to 33%. Why the sudden exaggeration?
It is interesting to see the power of one news agency that no one is auditing, fact checking and monitoring and that in the past has been known to have close connections with certain Pharma giants!
The public is advised to be wary and to do due diligence of any news releases originating from Reuters or any of the members of the BBC’s trusted News Network!
For the latest on the supposed Marburg Virus Outbreak, keep on logging to Thailand Medical News.


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