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Source: Japan Medical News  Nov 12, 2021  2 years, 3 months, 1 week, 1 day, 17 hours, 43 minutes ago

Despite A Low Infection Rate And Outbreaks In Control, Japan Is Preparing For A Catastrophic COVID-19 Surge! What Do They Know That We Don’t?

Despite A Low Infection Rate And Outbreaks In Control, Japan Is Preparing For A Catastrophic COVID-19 Surge! What Do They Know That We Don’t?
Source: Japan Medical News  Nov 12, 2021  2 years, 3 months, 1 week, 1 day, 17 hours, 43 minutes ago
Japan Medical News: Japan has been hailed as one of the East Asian countries that has managed the COVID-19 crisis quiet well and as of to date, daily infection rates are barely in the three figures and daily death rates hovering less than 10 and most occurring among the elderly with existing comorbidities and are unvaccinated.

Despite its success, the Japanese government is all out in terms of preparations for what they claim will be a major catastrophic surge either in a few weeks or a few months.
It was reported that the Japanese government was going all out in terms of adding more hospital beds and ICU ward, stocking up on essential drugs and even procuring and stockpiling oxygen supplies.
The preparations for the next COVID-19 is to prevent a situation like the last summer when many COVID-19 patients were forced to stay home, even while dependent on oxygen deliveries.
Despite the fact that has an excellent health insurance system and the world's largest number of beds per capita, in the past surges COVID-19 patients were admitted to only a fraction of the beds, mostly at public, university and major private hospitals.
Even with the Japanese government providing subsidies to lure more hospitals to treat such patients, the progress was slow, triggering calls for tougher measures in an emergency.
It was reported that small private hospitals have been reluctant to accept COVID-19 patients, citing insufficient expertise to handle infectious diseases, lack of staff or the cost.
Some prefectures have set up systems where those hospitals would accept patients who are no longer infectious and rehabilitating from serious illness after treatment at bigger hospitals.
It was also reported that Long COVID issues among the infected from the past surges is also taking its toll on the public healthcare infrastructure.

Now COVID-19 measures are key to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's weeks-old government maintaining its grip on power after public dissatisfaction with the former Prime Minister’s response which many criticized as too little and too slow and which resulted in this change in government.
Japan’s new roadmap of coronavirus measures, adopted Friday by a meeting of key Cabinet ministers, says the government will have hospitals allocate more beds for COVID-19 treatment by the end of November so that up to 37,000 patients, up from 28,000, can be admitted if infections increase considerably from an earlier wave in the summer.
The government is also set up a new priority of stock piling essential drugs and medical equipment and is also asking relevant institutions to get more relevant medical professionals trained including offering incentives for those wanting to enter the profession in order to prevent any staffing shortages.
It was reported that in mid-August 2020, when new daily cases surged to about 25,000 and health care systems partially collapsed, many patients were unable to find hospital beds and had to get supplemental oxygen and food delivered to their homes. Sadly, some died at home.
Hence this prompted the government to set up several medical facilities to accept patients requiring medical attention while waiting for hospital vacancies.
Prime Minister Kish ida said the government will nearly double the capacity of makeshift hospitals to 3,400, and increase capacity at hotels, where patients with less serious cases can stay, to 61,000 rooms.
Prime Minister Kishida told media during today’s meeting, "It is important to anticipate a worst-case scenario and take concrete actions to prepare for a next expansion of the infections. We will promptly secure the medical systems, ensure the process of prevention, detection and early treatment by promoting vaccination, testing and oral pills, in order to reduce the risks of serious cases."
Despite more than 75% of Japan’s population fully vaccinated and many more still in the midst of getting vaccinated, Japanese health officials are still anticipating a more worse surge the next time round.
Some Japanese experts are warning that newer emerging variants will be more transmissible than ever and will also be able more breakthrough infections.
Despite many individuals hoping that the current vaccines will at least hopefully reduce the risk of developing serious cases reduced and need for hospitalizations, some experts are skeptical based on emerging data from countries like Singapore, Israel and even states like Massachusetts in the USA.
AI modelling platforms indicating potential mutations that could arise on the various existing variants and sub-variants are not showing a very positive scenario that the pandemic is coming to an end anytime soon.
This is a total contrasting perspective from the West where those controlling the COVID-19 narratives are claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic has plateaued in America that the COVID-19 pandemic might come to an end in early 2022!
Note that this same stupid clown also had commented earlier that the COVID-19 crisis might come to an end in America by this coming thanksgiving!
Recent emerging reports that new surges are occurring across parts of America and in a few week’s time, things should be bad in America.,-they-are-here-start-of-the-american-covid-19-surges-as-infection-and-hospitalization-rates-starts-going-up
Japan Medical News also reported that the Japanese government is also preparing plans for a number of field hospitals and also contingencies to set up more of these should the situation call for more beds.
The Japanese government will have 32,000 primary care doctors and medical institutions monitor or provide medical consultations online for patients at home to address their unease, Prime Minister Kishida said during today’s meeting.
He pledged to begin booster shots next month for adults who had been fully vaccinated eight months earlier. The roadmap also pledges the government will secure up to 1.6 million doses of oral medicine to treat COVID-19 and get their approval by the end of this year. The pills are largely for patients with slight symptoms who are expected to stay home, though that would require monitoring by medical staff.
The Japanese government aims to gradually expand social and economic activities but is still careful about easing border control for foreign tourism.
Unlike other desperate countries in Asia like Thailand, Britain and Singapore, the Japanese government like the China, is taking more precautions to safeguard its citizens while focusing on newer industries and innovations to stimulate economic growth while moving away from the old tourism sector. Hence border opening along with travel and tourism is being discouraged.
In coming weeks and months, it will be fun to see how the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. Already surges are being witnessed in Europe and even in parts of America but death rates are still below expectations of those behind the eugenics and genocide bioweapon and hopefully things might pick up as after all the world is full of stupid lower life forms merely competing with other humans for air and earth resources.
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